Department of

Irrigation & Flood Control, Jammu

Government of Jammu & Kashmir

Irrigation Canals

  1. Kathua Canal

  2. Kathua Canal takes off from RD 5183M of Kashmir Canal.
    The length of main Canal is 16.817km. There are ten distributaries of length 47.11km & 7 No’s minors of length 13.20km.
    The scheme has envisaged drawing state share of 400 cusecs during Kharief & 200 cusecs in Rabi Crops from RD5183M of Kashmir Canal. Regulation of supplies into Kashmir Canal in being monitored by Punjab Irrigation through Barrage constructed across river Ravi at Madhopur.

  3. New Partap Canal

  4. Old Partap Canal used to take off from right bank of river Chenab near village Devipur about 9½ km downstream of the present head works of New Partap Canal. Old Partap Canal was constructed in 1906 for CCA of about 8097 hectares of land falling right from Akhnoor town to Manawar Tawi in Chhamb Sector of Tehsil Akhnoor. The length of main New Partap Canal is 33.69 km & that of its distribution is 156.80 km having potential utilized of 9030 hectares ending 03/2016.

    As per Indus Water Treaty 1960, New Partap Canal is to carry 400 cusecs for irrigation purpose from 15th April to 14th October & 100 Cusecs for Irrigation purpose from 15th October to 14th April besides, water withdrawal for silt extraction.

  5. Ranbir Canal

  6. Ranbir Canal is a one of the two major canals of Jammu District which takes off from the Left Bank of River Chenab. It was initially constructed by the erstwhile ruler of J & K State and was completed in the year 1905. Being a major source of surface water irrigation, it catered to the kandi belts of Jammu District, primarily the area abutting Akhnoor Road, Bishnah, R.S. Pura, Arnia belts etc. The canal was designed initially for net irrigated land of 16460 Hectares. The length of Main Ranbir Canal is 60 km. and that of its distribution system is 400 km odd. As per Indus Water Treaty 1960 Ranbir Canal is to carry 1000 cusecs for Irrigation Purpose, 250 cusecs for Hydro Power use besides water withdrawal for silt extraction form 15th April to 14th Oct.

    From 15th Oct to 14th april, Ranbir Canal is to carry 350 cusecs for irrigation purpose, 250 cusecs for Hydro Power use besides water withdrawal for silt extraction.